Here Come the New Taxes!

Hold onto your wallets kids! Here come the new taxes! Incoming Transportation Secretary, Mayor Pete, has endorsed a new system of taxing your vehicle for the number of miles driven. This will, of course, involve installing a federally mandated electronic system in your vehicle to track your mileage. (I’m sure we’ll all be given “assurances” that the tracking will be limited to just mileage and not location… riiiiiiiigggghhhhhhtttt!) This tax increase will obviously be borne primarily by the poor, working class, and small business. So much for you Dem-party acolytes who creatively imagined that this new bunch of sociopaths will only increase taxes on the rich. Details on Little Petey’s dream tax in the story link below…


Comrade Kamala Harris recently plagiarized an old MLK story. (I guess she’s learning a lot from Sniffin’ Joe, the Plagiarizer in Chief.) We invite Comrade Harris to truly embrace “fweedom” by renouncing her communist predilections, ditching the old, creepy, rapey white guy, and embracing true fweedomness with us here at the Conservancy. It’s not hard Kamala! (Oops, perhaps that not a good turn of phrase for Ms. Harris…)